1. Develop four key language skills and proficiency of English.

  2. Arouse pupils’ interest in learning English.

  3. Cultivate pupils’ reading habits.



Reading Strategies:

  1. Read English books and watch English cartoons on Thursday mornings to arouse pupils’ interest in reading.

  2. Train pupils to do book presentation.

  3. Readers are integrated into curriculum to enrich pupils’ learning.

  4. Conduct readers’ theatre and life-wide learning on selected modules.

  5. Display and appreciate good book reports.

  6. Conduct Extensive Reading Scheme and lunch reading sessions to cultivate reading habits. 

  7. Announce and present prizes to top ten English online readers.

  8. Organise English reading activities and games to motivate learning.

  9. Conduct Reading Recovery Programme to cater for individual differences in reading.



  1. The curriculum is school based and tailor-made to suit the needs of our students.

  2. The focus is from reading to writing.

  3. Reading workshops are conducted in the whole school.

  4. Primary Literacy Program- Reading and writing (PLP-R/W) is conducted in Key Stage 1.



Subject Schedule:


PEEG plan:

Teachers in 2019-2020 academic year


(from left to right)


The third row:  Miss Wong Kwok Wai   Miss Leung Siu Hap   Mr Robin Bessant (NET)  Miss Kiranjeet Gill(ELTA)


The second row: Miss Law Wai Yi  Miss Chan Pui Sum   Miss Ng Ngo Yan   Miss Wong Siu Yin   
Miss Shum Sau Yan   Miss Chan Yuk Shan

The first row: Miss Wong Lan Fong  Miss Tsoi Lai Man   Miss Yau Suk Fun    Miss Yip Lai Ha  
Miss Pang Hoi Lam  Miss Lam Kit Ying    Miss Kwong Yik Ka  Miss Chow Siu Lan

(Vice-principal Kong Pui Ling)


Miss Yip Lai Ha, Miss Yau Suk Fun

Pang Hoi Lam

NET 1: Mr Robin James Bessant

NET 2: Miss Kiranjeet Gill(ELTA)


Library visit

Visiting the library is one of the ways to cultivate the reading culture. Teachers purposefully promote reading specific books for students to read on the topics related to the textbook modules.

Professional Development

Workshop on catering for learner diversity in writing.

Some life-wide learning activities are carried out so that pupils use the language in real context.

NETs and local teachers promote English books and do presentation every Friday morning to motivate pupils to read books and let pupils be exposed to English-rich environment.

The group is held every Friday after school. Pupils listen to interesting stories, do post-reading activities, perform shows and tell and play games.

NET demonstrated PLPR-W lessons on open day. Kindergarten kids enjoyed the big book shared reading, games, singing and activities.

Reading workshops and activities are done periodically. A presentation is done in Enhancement week after exam. Pupils do drama and present the stories in creative ways.

NET teachers and local teachers co-teach readers and other English books related to the textbook themes.

NET teachers have reading lessons and PLPR-W lessons with pupils. Many interesting tasks and activities are done in these lessons. Pupils enjoy his lessons very much.

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