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1.1    Further develop and adapt the school-based
         curriculum to enhance teaching and learning
1.2    Enhance students’ self-learning skills and
         motivation in learning
1.3    Employ various teaching measures and learning
         materials to cater for indivdual differences


Reading Strategies:

  1. Reading across the Curriculum (RaC) books are integrated into curriculum. The RaC readers are given to students for home reading periodically according to schedules.

  2. help students develop the reading skills and strategies necessary for understanding and analysing language use in English texts.

  3. Read English books and watch English cartoons on Thursday morning and afternoon reading sessions.

  4. Pupils do book presentation and book sharing role plays both inside and outside the classroom.

  5. Conduct readers’ theatre and life-wide learning on selected modules.

  6. Display and appreciate good writing passages.

  7. Conduct Extensive Reading Scheme.

  8. Design reading activities that reinforce students’ ability to integrate the knowledge, skills and learning experiences.

  9. Shared reading and supported reading activities in PLP -R/W lessons co-taught by native English teachers and local teachers.

Our English curriculum

We believe every student can learn and should be able to do so in a pressure-free and pleasant environment. English is one of the languages that helps us to explore the world. Therefore, we have developed our school-based curriculum to adapt to the needs of our students. We have adopted “Reading across the Curriculum” (RaC) into our core curriculum. Our reader materials, exploring many different academic disciplines, are used to broaden our students’ horizons. Various teaching strategies and activities are employed in the lessons to make the learning experience more authentic and to cater for learner differences. We hope that our students can successfully learn and grow in our school.

Reading Strategies

Subject Schedule:

Subject Schedule

PEEG plan:

Teachers in 2022-2023 academic year

Miss Kong Pui Ling, Miss Yau Suk Fun, Miss Yip Lai Ha, Miss Tsoi Lai Man, Miss Wong Kwok Wai,
Miss Chow Siu Lan,
Miss Lau Ho Sze, Miss Wong Lan Fong, Mr. Lai Tze Long, Miss Ng Ngo Yan,
Miss Leung Siu Hap, Miss Yeung Pui Ka, Miss Tang Sau King, Miss Leung Wai Ting, Miss Lau Wan Ki,

Mr Thomas Clarke(NET), Miss Simran (School-based NET)



Readers’ Theatre

Readers’ Theatre

Students create a new ending after reading a story. Then they performed in the
lessons. They enjoyed it very much.

P.1-P.2 Singing

P.1-P.2 Singing

It is a good way to learn English by singing English songs. Our students are special and with different talents.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Workshop on Reading across the Curriculum (RaC) in the primary English curriculum

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Book Characters Day

Book Characters Day

Our learning

Our learning

Since each individual is different and with different learning style, we employ various teaching strategies such as discussion, group work, games, shared reading and writing, videos, learning with I-pad and apps to cater for learner diversity. We hope our students can learn best and unfold their potential through learning in our school.

Life wide learning

Life wide learning

Learning by doing. Integrating their life experience into English learning is one of the
best ways to learn English. It makes learning more authentic.

PLP-R/W lessons in Key stage 1

PLP-R/W lessons in Key stage 1

NET teachers and local teachers co-teach PLP-R/W lessons. Many interesting tasks and activities are done. Pupils enjoy the lessons very much.

EERS (English Extensive Reading Scheme)

EERS (English Extensive Reading Scheme)

The reading scheme is done every week. RaC readers are taught and related activities are carried out. NET, ELTA and local teachers co-teach the lessons.

Book Presentation

Book Presentation

Pupils do book presentation in class. It motivates pupils to read and build up their confidence in speaking. Pupils also upload their book sharing video clips in apps so that they can have more opportunities to practice.

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Drama Club

Drama Club

It aims at training the communication skills of pupils and building up their confidence in speaking. They learn to cooperate with group members and enjoy the fun of role plays and performance art.

Story Telling

Story Telling

Story-telling club aims at building up pupils' confidence in using English in daily life naturally and upgrade pupils' language skills. Pupils listen to stories and do reading activities. They also play games ,show and tell and do presentations.

P. 6 Interview training

P. 6 Interview training

Teachers guide P.5 and 6 pupils to do better in interviews for secondary school allocation. Teaching videos are shown and pupils do the self – introduction and presentation of some topics as required by teachers. Pupils have mock interviews with the NET and ELTA so that they gain the experience to talk to new teachers.

Useful Learning Materials

High Frequency Words Videos

       Primary 1

       Primary 2

       Primary 3

Language Focus Audio Files

Book 1A - 6B

Word Bank

Book 1A mp3 files
Book 1B mp3 files



Cambridge dictionary

Oxford dictionary

English Cobuild dictionary



British Council

Animal games


Jokes and riddles





Spelling games/word building

Crossword puzzle of food quantifiers


Useful Websites
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